Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The General 1.0

Yo, yo, yo, everybody! Here's the General coming at you - one of the only dudes able to pull off sporting a binky with sunglasses.

So ..... a lot's happened since I last updated my fan-base. Mama and Papa got a little weird at the end of the summer. For instance, they decided to take a little vacation ... without me! I mean, it's like they weren't thinking straight. So, I went to Nana and Pop-Pop Ball's house, while they went to Italy.

Er ... I mean, Busch Gardens. Yeah, it's got, like, this European theme, so Mama and Papa could pretend to get some culture.

Check out this roller coaster they rode. It's called The Griffin. It's got a 205 foot, vertical (face-first) drop.

Pretty scary stuff ...

After that, they finally picked me up, stuffed me in the car with all our stuff, and moved out of Virginia. But first, we had to stop a few places, so I could visit a few fans.

First, we went up north, and I'm talking way up north, to a Donnelly family reunion near Mackinac island.

And at that family reunion, I finally got to meet none other than my turbo awesome cousin: Super Cole!

Yeah, we hung out, shot the breeze, cut the cheese - you know how it goes.

And, as you might guess from the title of this post, yours truly finally hit the big 1.0. So, just a few days before the big day, Super Cole (0.5 here), gave me a new set of wheels.

Here I am with Mama, doing some repair work on it.

Then, after Super Cole and I had finished perfecting our wrestling moves, Mama, Papa, and I traveled to South Bend, where I used them to take down Pop-Pop Don.

Kiss the carpet, old man!

I also went swimming with Papa in uncle Mike's swimming pool.

Next, we went to Bloomington, where Mama and Papa first fell in love (read: Mama began to tolerate Papa) and got married. We visited Mamaw Carole, and she made me ...

a birthday cake!!!!
(even though it wasn't quite my birthday just yet)

I can assure you, I wasted no time in tackling this important project ... even using my feet for maximum face-stuffing efficiency.

After my whirlwind tour ended, we finally headed back to our house in Tennessee. Ah, my kingdom.

And back home, not only can I sit in the middle of the kitchen in my underwear and throw around pots and pans, but I also have full access to my treasure chest of wonderful, glorious TOYS!

If I could just reach that one book ....

Hey, that works. Think I'll stay in here. I mean what more do I need in life?

Then, finally, my actual birthday came. Mama got me a nice little cupcake.

Take that, you little cupcake! Get in my belly!

Then, we had a backyard BBQ to celebrate moving back to Tennessee and my birthday.

There's my buddy, Ross. Someday I'm gonna be just like him.

And, yes, I got my third birthday cake.

Ooooohhhhhhhh ... the life of a junkie.


Cole Pethers said...

He's baaack!! Good to hear from you and see ya man. It's been awhile. And thanks for the web-time. A little cross-promotion never hurt a fine looking guy like me.

Three cakes? Wow, you sure have the women of USA working for you, you'll have to share your tips with me in a few months.

Let me know when you get some Halloween pics up!

Keep it real, Cole

Sgt. Poopypants said...

Hey, cousin Cole. Great to see you frequenting my internet stomping grounds.

Unfortunately, we didn't celebrate Halloween this year because we had plans for the night. So, no cool costume like yours. But next year, oh you just wait and see. I'm gonna be like a surfing, gun-toting, horse-riding, super ninja, or something cool like that. You'll see!

Anonymous said...

I stopped here after your great comment on the Obama poster at the Bayly blog. I just had to say that your son is adorable!